ROCK 无线充电重力车载支架

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国际领先的电源管理技术,过充,过流,短路,异物检测 等各类保护功能

International advanced power management technology provides overcharge, overcurrent, short-circuit protections and can smart identify foreign matters.


With the special gravity linkage design, you can easily to use by one hand. Reserved charging port enable you use it when charging.

单手操作 拿放自如,操作简易,不会遮挡视线,更安全

One-handed operation, just place device on the mount and it stay there, easy to use.


Flexible clip clamps on the air vent tightly, easy to install/uninstall

兼容具有QI功能5V, 9V (快充) 的所有手机

Compatible with QI-enabled smart phones.


It is certified by FCC, CE, QI, etc.


Made of eco-friendly PC, fireproof ABS and aluminum alloy, it is thermal-resistant and shockproof.